Sunday, October 16, 2011

Whine and Cheese are back at the Big House

Gee.  It's been a great season so far.  All of the bandwagon-jumpers came back.  The Maize and Blue were doing great, and it even looked like an undefeated regular season was possible with a few breaks.  Then, Sparty temporarily derailed Michigan's season, mostly due to their chronic and intentional dirty play causing Michigan to lose their poise. 

So, what happens next?  Many of the same "Michigan fans" that bitched about Rich Rod for three years and was so happy to get a "Michigan Man" as a head coach are now BITCHING ABOUT BRADY HOKE AFTER ONE LOSS.

What a classless bunch of morons.  What do you expect out of your football coach?  What do you expect out of your players?  The fifth-year seniors on this team have played for three head coaches, three offensive coordinators, and four defensive coordinators.  The fourth year seniors have played for two head coaches, two offensive coordinators, and three defensive coordinators.  

Michigan has changed coaches almost as much as American Idol has changed judges.  I said this about Rich Rod, and I'll say it about Brady Hoke: you can't really judge a head coach for five years because he has to have a fifth-year senior class filled with his own people.  If you don't believe me, maybe you can believe the original source of the statement: Bo Schembechler. 

I know that, so far, the whiners are a very small percentage.  Even one is one too many.  Brady Hoke is the head coach.  Most of you who were whining about RR wanted Brady Hoke as the head coach.  Don't you think one loss is a little bit early to start whining about they guy you wanted in the first place?

Please, people: grow up.  Pretend you have actually watched college football before.  Pretend that you have the class Michigan fans are supposed to have.  I just said it, but it bears repeating: Brady Hoke is the head coach.  He is deserving of your support.  Period.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Mostly, though, no whining.  Please.

Sparty Shenanigans

 We've all seen the video of William Gholston's disgusting attempt to dislodge the cervical vertebrae of Denard Robinson.  We have all seen his punch to the head of Taylor Lewan.  We all saw Sparty's six personal fouls against Michigan.  We have all seen Sparty DC Pat Narduzzi's quote that they "try to do...sixty minutes of unnecessary roughness."

The bottom line here is that William Gholston should be suspended for the rest of the year, and Pat Narduzzi should be suspended for the rest of the year and then fired.  Both player and coach are against everything the NCAA supposedly stands for.  Will the seedless NCAA do anything?  Maybe.  Will the punishments be enough?  Of course not. 

The NCAA talks big, but at the end of the day, they allow thuggery such as that of Gholston and Narduzzi as long as nobody gets arrested.  Since the violations happened in East Lansing, the chances of that are extremely slim.

I wish David Brandon would put his money where his mouth is, get off his butt, and file a complaint with the East Lansing police about Gholston's attack on a helpless Denard Robinson after the play.  Gholston deserves jail time for this mugging.  Robinson could have been paralyzed for life if things had gone wrong.  Denard Robinson deserves better.  College football deserves better.