Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The sports aliens have landed

As an avid reader/participant in many sports blogs, I have noticed one thing that many of them have in common: people think that their opinion is the only one that truly matters. It seems like too many blogsters are married to the concept that their opinion is "right," while everyone who disagrees with them is "wrong."

The worst often compound this by deciding that those who disagree with them are "stupid," "ignorant," "hypocritical," or any other pseudo-intellectual insult that comes to mind. However, when you really strike a nerve, and really piss off a blogger or commenter with your opinion, he pulls out all the stops, and brings out the "best" insult he has to offer: tinfoil hat.

Actually, I was called an even better variation of tinfoil hat once by a pseudo-Communist Michigan fan blog whose participants wouldn't know Karl Marx if he bit them on their pimply, teenage asses: "tinfoil covered, potato-shaped, massage therapist motherf**ker." Since I have been putting up with such behavior and unwelcome intrusions from these parasites and their unwitting tools for the better part of two years, I can only assume that they haven't heard that "mean people suck."

Consesquently, I am starting this blog today with the intent of honoring all opinions, whether or not they agree with mine. I will be discussing mostly Michigan and Florida-based teams, but really don't plan to confine myself to any one team or sport. In keeping with the tinfoil hat theme, I will often criticize officials and league offices in the context of what one team winning might mean to its league. If I find an entertaining (to me, anyway) conspiracy theory, I will also discuss it here.

Eventually, I will make the blog interactive, and plan to have chats and a forum. I may eventually collaborate with a few select posters if things go that way. Or not. Most of all, though, I want to have fun with this. I will mercilessly harass fans of rival teams in a "kayfabe," or pro wrestling kind of way. But I will not truly hate anyone, nor will I ever heap abuse on fellow fans for the "crime" of disagreeing with me.

So, if you have ever been accused of wearing a tinfoil hat or ridiculed for having a dissenting opinion in any internet community, you will probably feel at home here. There is no "groupthink" because there is no group mind, and there is no such thing as an invalid opinion. All heartfelt opinions about sports will be honored here and gtiven the dignity they deserve. On the other hand, all indignant, obnoxious fucks who come here to be hurtful to and personally insult their fellow sports fans will be welcome to take their baggage somewhere else.

To clarify, the only thing that will ever make anyone or their opinion unwelcome here (besides political or religious diatrabes, etc) is hurtful behavior toward fellow fans. Other than that, all will always be welcome.

So, go to your closet, pull out that tinfoil hat, put it on, and tune in. The signals are starting to become much more clear now.....welcome aboard.

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