Friday, July 2, 2010

A Modest Proposal

It' s really too bad for fans in this market, but Detroit is the last place most FA's would want to play in any sport but hockey. Maybe the people who want to obliterate part of the city have the right idea, after all.

I have a "modest proposal:"

Why don't they raze a sizeable percentage of Detroit, put a moat around it, and turn it into a zone for privileged athletes and others who are obscenely rich?" Athletes playing for Detroit's sports team could have their own private fiefdom, administrated as a de facto oligarchy, and Detroit may even become a "destination" for FA's. They could even have a groupie farm where only the genetically superior are allowed to procreate, and there could be a "downtown" similar to the Disney town of "Celebration," but only the "creme de la creme" would be allowed to enter.

That way, players wouldn't have to have untidy encounters with the people who ulitimately pay their wages: the fans, and they could further insulate themselves from reality. There could even be a strip club for "VIP's only," so that the Ben Rothlesbergers, Ray Lewises, and Vince Youngs of the world wouldn't have to be exposed to the "little people."

That way, everybody wins. Detroit gets elite FA's, and the FA's don't have to sully themselves by having encounters with the "common man."

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