Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why are we so sad about another victory?

Michigan pulled out a potentially-damaging game against UConn yesterday. They overcame three potential negative "game-changing moments" in the last few minutes and did what many teams might not have done in that situation: they won.

Michigan endured a pass completion off a deflection in which the UMass reciever was out of bounds and made it back in on a play that was so close that there was no conclusive evidence from the replay. They endured a dropped interception that ended up gaining yards for UConn. They endured a blocked punt. And they still won.

Still, the "Chicken Little" segment of the Michigan fanbase is back, and all too ready to tell everyone how this team is going to collapse, how it was overrated, and how it won't stop anyone in Big Ten play. Last week, the defense gave up too many big plays, so GERG reacted by "playing safe." This week, they gave up a lot of yards but no big plays. The obvious next adjustment is to find a "happy medium."

Besides, most people miss the obvious here: without two of the "game-changer" moments, the defense played more than well enough to win this game. As it is, they still won. Sometimes, though, you just have to give credit to the opponent. UMass came in with a great game plan and worked extremely hard. They played the game of their lives and came up just short. Instead of congratulating them on a job well done and giving them credit, though, too many in the Michigan fanbase would rather focus on Michigan's shortcomings than give UMass any credit at all.

Anyway, I think Michigan is still in good shape. The whiners, naysayers, and those who embody Sparty's use of the phrase "Walmart Wolverines" can complain all they want, but this team is still going to be playing on January 1.

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