Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's NCAA Time...

It's NCAA time, and Michigan got one of the worst seeds a decent team can get in the tournament: an eight. This means that if they beat Tennessee, they have to face number one seed Duke in their second game. I like what Michigan did this year, and I am as big of a fan as anyone. But they are not beating Duke.

Sure, it's possible. Duke could play their very worst and Michigan could play their very best. And I could win powerball tonight, too. That doesn't mean it is going to happen. I would rate Michigan's chances of beating Duke as only slightly better than mine of winning Powerball.

As expected, Michigan State got their "courtesy bid," but at least the committee didn't do them any favors. They did get to go to Florida, but if they win their first game against UCLA, they will have to play a de facto road game against Florida in Tampa. This is probably even more of a disadvantage than playing it at the O' Connell Center, because many of the Gator fans with tickets don't get to see a lot of Florida games, so they will be especially loud for a special occasion.

As for the tournament itself, I amost don't care who wins, as long as it isn't MSU or OSU. Michigan has no chance. Eighteen out of the last twenty years, a one or two-seed has won. I'll take the Gators. They have had no hype this year, but Billy Donovan remembers how to take a team to victory. The fact that I live in Florida, of course, has nothing to do with it.

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