Friday, May 6, 2011

The Plot Thickens...

Finally, as I had suspected all along, there is confirmatin that Lloyd Carr had something to do with "transfer-mania" in 2008.  Ryan Mallett's father has told the media that Carr advised Mallett to transfer when Rich Rodriguez was hired.  Of course, it's OK because Carr, who graduated from NMU, is a "Michigan Man," while RR "wasn't."  And now, Brady Hoke, a BSU grad born in Ohio, is celebrated as the consummate 'Michigan Man" in the media.   

That begs a rather obvious question:

What the fuck does the "Carr-tel" think a "Michigan Man" is?  Do they think a "Michigan Man" is someone who puts his own agenda ahead of "his" school?  Do Carr and his minions think it was OK to sabotage the University of Michigan's football program for three years, only to be welcomed back with open arms and given their way when one of "their own" was hired?

Why isn't Lloyd Carr being held responsible for this?  Why doesn't anyone remember that it was Carr on the sidelines for the first four losses in the seven-game streak to Ohio State?  Why doesn't anyone seem to remember that it was Carr's terrible coaching in a four game streak that ruined two potentially great seasons that caused Bill Martin to "retire" Carr in the first place?

Does he really think his team's utter inability to beat truly elite teams and his embarassing losses to Ohio State, USC, Appalachian State and Oregon in succession entitled him to name his successor?  Or that he should have been totally exempt from criticism when he misused his power to sabotage his successor? 

Lloyd Carr was still on the payroll of the University of Michigan while he was sabotaging the program.  He should have to pay back every penny he earned during that period.  Better yet, he should donate it to Mott Children's Hospital. 

For what it's worth, I don't fault Brady Hoke for taking the job.  He was in San Diego, coaching his team and doing his job, when he got the "offer he couldn't refuse."  He interviewed for his dream job and got it.  Hoke is to be commended.  Greg Mattison should also be commended for coming back.  Neither had anything to do with what happened in Ann Arbor the last three years.  The people I have a problem with are the ex-players, ex-coaches, and boosters who worked so hard to get Rich Rodriguez fired. 

Michigan had better hope Brady Hoke succeeds beyond any vision they had for him.  If he doesn't, the Carr-tel and their followers will be exposed as being exactly what they stereotyped Rich Rodriguez as being: ignorant, dishonest hillbillies who think nepotism is the only legitimate reason to hire anyone.

Hoke and Mattison are exempt.  They were far too busy with their own teams to take part in Carr's assassination of RR's character and sabotage of the University of Michigan football program.  Hopefully, they can bring the program back.  It will certainly be easier now that nobody is actively sabotaging it from within.

Now that some sabotage has been documented by a player's parent, it's really not a question anymore that Carr was actively sabotaging the program he professed to love and the school that was signing his paycheck.  The only question now is one of extent.  How much sabotage did Carr get away with while collecting UM paychecks? 

Wouldn't it be ironic if it turned out that it was Carr, whose system of counting practice hours was the one RR inherited in the first place, was the one who suggested the story to Michael Rosenberg?

I'm not saying that it happened that way, but I am saying that it certainly is possible.  I'm certainly not holding my breath waiting for Lloyd Carr to come clean.

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