Tuesday, January 4, 2011

By his own standards, David Brandon should be fired.

The events of this evening, so far, anyway, have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that David Brandon thought he had Jim Harbaugh in his pocket, and has been lying to the public in his position as Athletic Director for the University of Michigan. JH has suddenly gotten some cold feet, probably because the NFL will pay him about $2 million more a year than Michigan will ever pay any coach.

So, what does DB do? He leaves the coach, players, and staff twisting in the wind until tomorrow. My guess is that he is frantically working behind the scenes to find another coach or talk JH into taking the job. It's as though David Brandon wants to fire RR in the worst way, and decided that's exactly how he will do it.

AFAIC, David Brandon is Larry, Moe, and Curly rolled into one giagantic douchebag.

Brandon has preached ethics since he took the UM AD job. He has gone to great lengths to let everybody know that they "do things the RIGHT way at the University of Michigan," borrowing his tone, pacing, and arrogance from the stuffy, old Smith-Barney commercials.

So, how ethical is it to tamper with Stanford's coach without asking permission? How ethical is it to lie to the public on numerous occasions while representing his employers? And how ethical is it to make RR's job tougher, even if he stays, by undermining yet another recruiting class with his rhetoric and his "timetable?"

David Brandon could not have botched this scenario any more or damaged the team any more than he is right now if he tried to do it on purpose. Brandon is so inept and dishonest that he has, from all reports, driven JH away from the Michigan job.

I have cheered for Michigan since 1960, and will continue to, no matter how this scenario ends, but I will never, ever believe a word that comes out of David Brandon's mouth again. And I will never have any respect for him again, either, except the kind of "respect" one has for a rattlesnake or a scorpion.

While he is firing Rich Rodriguez, he should fire himself.

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