Monday, January 3, 2011

Let the Fellatio begin.....

After Stanford's dominating performance in the Orange Bowl, the local media are about to begin a fellatio-fest that will make Deep Throat look like a Disney movie. Harbaugh will be showered with so many superlatives that it may seem to some that he is Tim Tebow, and Thom Brennaman is writing all of the stories.

His team looked very good tonight. Everything he tried worked, except for a fake punt that was rendered moot by the middle of the third quarter. The segment of Michigan fans who never gave RR a chance has to be salivating at the thought that everything his team did tonight will happen at Michigan.

So, now the frenzy begins. The MSM are eager to write a "Michigan fires coach" story, followed by a "prodigal son returns home" story. Most MSM writers are inherently lazy; they write the same story or column over and over again, and only the subjects change. If they get their way, they will get to rewrite two stories that they have written over and over again in their minds, and have on file in their memories as one would remember his or her childhood home.

They have been trying to force both of these stories to happen since before the season even ended. I don't know what ever happened to writers trying to be objective and report the news instead of making it, but I really miss those days.

Anyway, by the time the week is over, I fully expect Jim Harbaugh to have cured cancer and AIDS, ended hunger, and created world peace. Unless, of course, he goes to the NFL. Then, he will have "sold out" and will be found to be "only in it for the money," or will have "gone to the NFL because his ego wouldn't let him do anything else."

I hope the media have to put their two preferred stories on the shelf for at least another year.

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